DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Product upgrade notice for 2020

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Product upgrade notice for 2020

Issue Time:2019-12-13

2019 is coming to an end, and we are about to usher in 2020. In 2019, DIFFUL solar water pump has achieved great development, and the company's scale is constantly expanding. We set up the Ningbo factory and also developed new products and models. In the coming 2020, DIFFUL has formulated a development plan for the new year.

First of all, in order to provide customers with better products, DIFFUL will upgrade its products in 2020.


1. DIFFUL plastic impeller solar submersible pump uses copper water outlet / connection / cylinder. Stainless steel impeller solar submersible pump uses 304 stainless steel outlet/connection/cylinder. DIFFUL will upgrade all submersible pumps, including plastic impeller submersible pumps, to 304 stainless steel outlets/connections/cylinders in 2020.

304 stainless steel has the following advantages:

① Environmental protection and sanitation: Will not release any toxic and harmful substances

② Abrasion resistance: The surface is beautiful, clean and bright, and durable.

③ Low-temperature resistance and good thermal expansion performance.

④ The precipitation amount of stainless steel metal elements is lower than 5% of the standard value stipulated by the WHO and the European Drinking Water Act.

⑤Excellent acid and alkali resistance, not easy to be corroded.

2. The 2m blue cable that comes with the solar water pump will be changed to a black cable.

3. Solar submersible pump body changed from original bright light to matte pump body, make the pump more beautiful.



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