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Solar Water Pump Test Base

All newly developed pumps will be installed at the pump experimental base for field testing.
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Water Pump Production Base Covering An Area Of 20 Mu

We have contracted 20 mu of land near the factory, and all newly developed solar pumps will be installed in the pump experimental base for on-site testing.

Simulate The Real Scene

Observe the various conditions of the solar pump during use by simulating real scenes, and check the working performance of the pump day and night. We will also demonstrate the installation process of solar water pumps for customers on site, and let customers know more about our products through on-site instruction.

Fruits And Vegetables Grown In The Experimental Field

The harvest season is the season of joy, we share our happiness with our partners


Bring clean water to people in remote areas. Nothing is more important than drinking;

Allow farmers and herdsmen to use water at low cost and enjoy the joy of harvest;

Make it easier for our partners to do business and better serve end customers;

Sustainablity: our future depends on the health of our environment. That's why we're taking action today to reudce our carbon emission- and empower our partners to do the same.

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Water For Life With Solar Power

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