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Solar pumps for aquaculture & river maintenance

Pond aeration involves adding or maintaining oxygen levels in your pond to enhance the quality of the water.

Pond aeration boosts the process of eliminating the pollutants in the pond as well as oxidizing the pond. The process allows aquatic insects, fish, and aerobic bacteria to eliminate non-living organic things.

If you have aquaculture or need river maintenance and don't want to increase operating and maintenance costs, a solar aerator pump system is the ideal choice.

Solar Pond Aerators

Many people find it hard to install an electrically powered aeration system where it is not economical to get to a power source in an isolated pond or lake.

This predicament is vivid, especially in farm ponds, golf course lakes, stormwater ponds, and other private water bodies.

Fortunately, if you cannot get electrical power to your pond, there are other viable means to aerate it economically and sustainably.

The emergence of solar-powered alternatives means that you can aerate your pond using solar panels thanks to the free energy from the sun’s rays.

If you are determined to reduce the ecological footprint and only use renewable energy sources, then the solar pond aerator is what you need. The cost of running this system is very minimal, making it practical for almost any place.

Benefits of Solar Pond Aerators

1. You don’t require electric power – with these aerators, no power is necessary to keep them running since they use the sun rays to make their power through the solar panels.

2. Less energy loss – These aerators are more efficient since no or less energy lost as transportation is over short distances, unlike the powered system where energy loss is significant.

3. Control water odor – Dam aeration via the solar pond aerator eliminates the water odor. Usually, what smells is the anaerobic bacteria that thrive in low oxygen levels. Adding oxygen to the dam helps get rid of these bacteria and hence the odor.

4. Reduces pests and mosquitos – Pests and mosquitos love stagnant water with bacteria. Such pests can barely thrive in constantly circulating water. That is why we highly recommend a solar pond aerator to get rid of such insects.

How do solar pond aerators work?

  • When the sun shines on the surface of your solar panels, the movement of electrons generates DC power which is transferred through attached wires to the pump controller.
  • The pump controller is the brains of the system and with sophisticated technology and sensor inputs, it turns the aerators.
  • Thereby equalizing the temperature in the water and adding dissolved oxygen in the pond, And will then work to break down the excessive nutrients to give you clear water.

How to Design Your Solar Pond Aerators System?

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

How to Choose the best solar pond aerator?

The best one for you will depend on the size and depth of your fish pond. Ideally, larger ponds will need aerators with higher power capacity and features that will allow the sufficient distribution of oxygen throughout the pond.


How to choose a solar panel?

The power of the solar photovoltaic panel array is recommended to be 1.3 times or more than the power of the water pump.The voltage of the solar photovoltaic panel array needs to meet the voltage range of the water pump.


Solar Aerator

Model: DSA15-4.5-48-370

  • Pump power: 370w
  • Best input voltage: 60-90v
  • Maximum open circuit voltage: 105v

Requirements for solar photovoltaic panel array: power ≥ 370w*1.3 (that is, power ≥ 481w)

  • VMP voltage>60v
  • VOC voltage<105v

Solar panel:

  • power 330w
  • VMP voltage 37.26v
  • VOC voltage 45.64v

2 solar panels in series:

  • power 330w*2=660w
  • VMP voltage 37.26v*2=74.52v
  • VOC voltage 45.64v*2=91.28v

In this case, the power and voltage requirements of the pump can be satisfied, so this solar photovoltaic panel array scheme is acceptable.


Is a battery necessary?

The battery is not necessary, if you need to use it at night or in rainy weather, you can choose Difful AC/DC hybrid solar submersible pump.

How to choose a battery?

If you need to use a battery, a charge manager must be connected. The voltage after the battery is connected needs to meet the voltage of the water pump. The connection method of charging manager is shown in the figure.


How to select water pump extension lines?

The solar water pump comes with a cable of 5 meters. The length can be customized according to your actual needs. Customers can also extend the cable themselves.

Notes for selecting cables:

  • 1. Select waterproof cables.
  • 2. Select 3-wire or 4-wire cables(including the ground wire).
  • 3. 2.5sq cables are recommended below 50m; 4sq cables for 50m-100m; 6sq cables for 100m-200m.

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Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

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