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  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Working principle and characteristics of DC brushless photovoltaic water pump
    The DC brushless photovoltaic water pump uses the power generated by the solar photovoltaic panel to drive the DC permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor to drive the water pump through the maximum power point tracking and control device, and lift the water from the surface to the ground for irrigation or human and animal drinking....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Help Indian farmers solve water problems
    India faces serious water problems. According to UNICEF, about 600,000 Indian children die each year from diarrhoea or pneumonia. These diseases are usually caused by poor drinking water and poor sanitation. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar pool pump US market application
    Due to the warm climate, long swimming pools and low maintenance, many houses have private swimming pools....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Off-grid solar pump system improves people's lives
    Off-grid solar pump systems are used in a wide range of applications, addressing personal drinking water issues around the world and improving people's lives. Especially in remote areas away from the power grid....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Nigeria off-grid power system market situation
    Nigeria is less than 40% in power supply due to factors such as natural gas supply capacity, transmission and distribution capacity and other factors. According to a report by the Nigerian Rural Electricity Authority (REA), 50% of the rural population uses small generators of 10-15 kW, which are not only expensive but also pollute the environment....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Brazil DC submersible pump application program reference
    Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a vast territory, ranking fifth in the world. Most of Brazil is tropical, with long sunshine hours and abundant solar energy resources. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Kenya Application Solutions Reference
    The solar water supply system is mainly composed of a water pump, a solar water pump controller, a solar panel, and a reservoir. The system uses solar power to drive water pumps to meet the daily water needs of the family and irrigation needs. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Moroccan solar pump market
    Due to the increased demand for use in the agricultural sector, the market share of solar pump systems in Africa is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 20% from 2019 to 2024. Morocco is one of the markets that deserves priority attention.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Zambia market feedback
    Located in the southeastern part of the African continent, Zambia is sparsely populated, fertile land and rich in water resources. At the same time, Zambia has a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Therefore, solar water pumps have very good sales prospects in Zambia....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar Submersible Pump Spain Application Reference
    A Spanish customer sent us feedback today. He purchased a 3-inch plastic impeller submersible pump. The pump can provide a maximum water volume of 3.5m3 per hour and a maximum lift of 95m. Customers need to draw water from a 30-meter deep well. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - What should I do during the off-season sales?
    There is always a period of time in the year that is not conducive to product sales or does not conform to consumer behavior habits. The marketing industry calls it the “off season”.    So, as a distributor in the pump industry, what should be done in the off-season? ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Although it is a low season for sales, it is still very busy.
    This year, due to the worst drought in Thailand in 10 years, DIFFUL solar pumps still have very good sales performance despite being in the off-season. In the past two months, the factory has been very busy. In addition to being affected by the drought in Thailand, it is also a manifestation of the DIFFUL solar pump's market share. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar submersible pump product upgrade
    In order to provide customers with better solar water pumps, DIFFUL solar pumps be upgraded from time to time. Recently DIFFUL upgraded solar screw pumps and solar pump controllers. ...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar irrigation systems need to be managed and supervised
    Solar irrigation systems have become an affordable climate-friendly technology for large farms and small-scale farmers in developing countries. But we need to fully manage and supervise solar irrigation systems to avoid the risk of water being unsustainable.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - And Thailand together to experience drought
    A few days ago, Ningbo New Factory received the first visiting customer. This is a customer from France. In April of this year, he contacted us through the website and ordered the first solar water pump. In the following four months, he ordered five times solar pumps of different quantities....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - French customers visit Ningbo new factory
    A few days ago, Ningbo New Factory received the first visiting customer. This is a customer from France. In April of this year, he contacted us through the website and ordered the first solar water pump. On July 26, he contacted us again and said that he is coming to China, hoping to visit our factory in order to better cooperate later....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Unexpectedly got a solar pump big customer
    More than four months ago, an inquire for solar water pumps was received on www.diffulpump.com. This inquire is from a Chinese Mr. Jiang. He wants to buy 10 solar submersible pumps with iron outlets. Due to the easy rusting of iron, difful solar submersible pumps are made of copper outlet or stainless steel outlet....
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Established a new factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang
    In order to expand production and business needs, DIFFUL pumps set up a new plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province to undertake part of the production needs. In 2010, DIFFUL established a branch office in Ningbo and established an excellent sales team to sell solar water pumps. Through years of hard work, the business of DIFFUL solar pumps has grown tremendously.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - How do Americans manage the swimming pool?
    There are different ways to care for swimming pools in four seasons a year. In the spring, summer and autumn, due to the use of the swimming pool, the filter is activated to continuously circulate the water in the swimming pool and the debris can be cleaned. In order to keep the water clean, it is also necessary to clean up debris and dirt deposited on the bottom of the pool.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - 1200W solar swimming pool pump References in USA
    The basic equipment of the American family swimming pool is the pool itself plus a filtering system. The family pool requires the head of the household to frequently start the water pump filter water to keep it clean. After the water evaporates, it is necessary to replenish water. The cost of maintaining and repairing a small swimming pool is approximately $3,000-$5,000 per year.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - How solar pumps work
    When the sun shines on the surface of your solar panels, the movement of electrons generates DC power which is transferred through attached wires to the pump controller...
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Vietnam has connected grid photovoltaic power plants up to 4.46GW
    Recently, Vietnam Power Group (EVN) said that as of June 30, Vietnam had a total of 82 grid-connected solar power plants with a total installed capacity of 4,460 MW. In mid-April 2019, Vietnam's entire power system had only four solar power plants with a total capacity of less than 150 megawatts.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - DIFFUL solar water pump shipped to Nigeria
    Nigeria is an important customer market for DIFFUL solar pumps. DIFFUL solar pumps in Nigeria are very popular. Recently, another batch of DIFFUL solar water pumps will be shipped to Nigeria.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Will a cheaper solar pump work?
    When you purchase a solar pump from us you are paying for a product that has undergone extensive research and development, testing, ensuring it performs in our harsh environment. Off the shelf spare parts and warranty are also part of the package.These products are supplied with installation and operating instructions in English. 2 Years warranty for the solar water pump.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar Pump Controller
    Solar Pump System includes Photovoltaic Panel, Solar Pump Controller and AC Solar Water Pump. Combination of Solar Pump Controller, MPPT and VFD. It uses the generated power from PV and converts in required form for AC Motor. Solar energy which is abundant on earth can be harnessed for this purpose.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Mexico application reference for irrigation
    Most parts of Mexico are tropical and a small part is subtropical, with congenital lighting conditions. Mexico has an abundance of solar energy resources, and photovoltaic projects have good prospects for development in Mexico.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - New Zealand References
    The New Zealand economy is dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry, and the export volume of lamb and dairy products ranks first in the world. New Zealand's livestock industry is very developed, and livestock production covers half of the country's land area. New Zealand has plenty of sunshine and solar pump products have a vast market in New Zealand.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar Submersible Pumps Kenya Application
    Solar water pumps (photovoltaic water pumps) are the most attractive water supply methods in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity are not available.Kenya is a potential market for solar submersible pumps. Agriculture is one of the three pillars of Kenya’s national economy. More than 80% of the country's population is engaged in farming and animal husbandry.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar water pump market in 2019
    Due to the frequent global agricultural planting activities, the solar water pump market will usher in a wave of rapid development. The solar water pump is a water pump device powered by a solar panel and does not need to be connected to the power grid. It is an ideal technology for remote areas that lack electricity.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - How to achieve agricultural water saving irrigation?
    Irrigation is one of the main methods of planting management in agricultural production. At present, everyone is very much advocated to adopt the water-saving irrigation mode. So how can we achieve water-saving irrigation?

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