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Solar Water Pumps For Off-grid living

There is nothing more important than drinking water, and choosing a safe and reliable water supply is crucial. DIFFUL solar water pump system delivers drinking water and domestic water to more than 100,000 families and communities around the world every year.

For long-term use and maintenance costs, a solar water pumping system is much less expensive than using a grid connection or using diesel power.

Serving Families

Water problem is the most important issue for every family. Pumping groundwater is the best way to provide people with safe and clean drinking water. It is most economical to use solar energy systems to provide drinking water.

Serving Larger Communities

DIFFUL solar water pumps have solved water problems for communities of up to 100,000 people. Water storage, hybrid solutions are used simultaneously to reliably supply water to the community 24 hours a day, to meet community water needs in a more cost-effective manner.

Water Companies

Water utilities can reduce operating costs by converting diesel pumps to solar-powered pumping systems. DIFFUL solar water pumping system provides a more economical solution for water abstraction and pressure boosting applications.

How Solar Power Works

  • When the sun shines on the surface of your solar panels, the movement of electrons generates DC power which is transferred through attached wires to the pump controller.
  • The pump controller is the brains of the system and with sophisticated technology and sensor inputs, it turns the submersible motor and drives the pump to push water against gravity to the surface.
  • Solar pumps are sized by calculating the total vertical feet they’ll need to push water, the pressure they need to generate, and the total water required each day.

Design Your Own Solar Water Pump System

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

Serving Larger Communities

  • How deep is your well (borehole)?
  • What is the distance between the tank and the well?
  • What is the height of the tank?
  • What is your requirement for the flow rate (L/H)?

Choose Solar Pumps According To Your Needs

Calculate the "actual lift needed" and find an appropriate pump.

Then choose the most suitable pump according to different flow rates and prices as well as pump materials.


How to calculate lift?

  • h1

    Lift underwater (the vertical distance between the water pump and the water surface)

  • h2

    Lift above water (the vertical distance between water surface and the wellhead)

  • h3

    The horizontal distance between the well and the water tank

  • h4

    Tank height

Actual lift required:



How to Choose a Solar Panel?

The power of the solar photovoltaic panel array is recommended to be 1.3 times or more than the power of the water pump.The voltage of the solar photovoltaic panel array needs to meet the voltage range of the water pump.


3 Inch Plastic Impeller Solar Submersible Pump

Model: 3DPC3.5-95-72-750

  • Pump power: 750w
  • Best input voltage: 90-120v
  • Maximum open circuit voltage: 160v

Requirements for solar photovoltaic panel array: power ≥ 750w*1.3 (that is, power ≥ 975w)

  • VMP voltage > 90v
  • VOC voltage < 160v

Solar panel:

  • power 330w
  • VMP voltage 37.26v
  • VOC voltage 45.64v

3 solar panels in series:

  • power 330w*3=990w
  • VMP voltage 37.26v*3=111.78v
  • VOC voltage 45.64v*3=136.92v

In this case, the power and voltage requirements of the pump can be satisfied, so this solar photovoltaic panel array scheme is acceptable.


Is a battery necessary?

The battery is not necessary, if you need to use it at night or in rainy weather, you can choose Difful AC/DC hybrid solar submersible pump.

How to choose a battery?

If you need to use a battery, a charge manager must be connected. The voltage after the battery is connected needs to meet the voltage of the water pump. The connection method of charging manager is shown in the figure.


How to select water pump extension lines?

The water pump comes with a cable of 2 meters. The length can be customized according to your actual needs. Customers can also extend the cable themselves.

Notes for selecting cables:

  • Select waterproof cables.
  • Select 3-wire or 4-wire cables.
  • 2.5sq cables are recommended below 50m; 4sq cables for 50m-100m; 6sq cables for 100m-200m.

If the required cable is more than 200m, it is recommended to chooseDifful solar submersible pump with built-in controller.

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Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

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