Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

Water For Life With Solar Power

DIFFUL solar water pump provides solutions for water and energy problems of the world by using the power of the sun.

DIFFUL products can reduce a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

  • Water-filled Motor solar submersible pump
  • Ensure reliability and avoid oil contamination
  • The depth of launching can reach 150 meters
  • MPPT technology maximizes power from PV modules

Only Dedicated to Solar Pumps

Product can be developed according to customers' needs and continue to innovate.

Owns Controller Production Plant, Parts Finishing Plant, Pump Assembly Plant, Independent R&D and production of the Controller

  • 32

    years history
  • 8000m²

    factory area
  • 200,000

    Annual output

Solar Water Pump Solutions

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

Solar water pumps for off-grid living

For long-term use, the cost of a solar water pump system is much less expensive than using a grid connection or generator. By using water storage, the system can reliably deliver water 24 hours a day.

Solar water pump for livestock

The DIFFUL solar pump system provides good drinking water for livestock, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, ensuring the health of animals pumps have become a replacement for pastures around the world.

Solar water pump for irrigation

Difful solar pump brings water to places without any existing infrastructure, to relieve food shortage problem and generate substantial incomes for farmers and around the world.

Solar pump for swimming pool circulation

The solar pool pump keeps your pool crystal clear without any electricity bills. Many countries offer tax incentives and government grants to encourage homeowners to use solar water systems.

Solar pumps for aquaculture & river maintenance

If you have aquaculture or need river maintenance and don't want to increase operating and maintenance costs, a solar aerator pump system is the ideal choice. Weak electricity has no risk of electric shock. Zero operating and maintenance costs.

Difful Solar Pump And Technology

Choose a product category below to get started.
Solar Submersible Pump
Solar Submersible Pump

Use solar power to pump groundwater. Provides a cost-effective way to supply users with safe and clean water.

Solar Surface Pump
Solar Surface Pump

Your preferred irrigation system. Automated systems reduce operating costs while increasing crop yields.

Solar Pool Pump
Solar Pool Pump

Using a solar pool pump makes a lot of sense, and pools tend to get more use when the sun is shining.

DC Water-filled Motor Solar Pump
DC Water-filled Motor Solar Pump

Submerging depth can reach 150 meters. More energy saving and environmental protection with water-filled motor.

AC Water-filled Moter pump
AC Water-filled Moter pump

Exciting New Products Coming Soon! contact us for more details.

Solar Aeration Pump
Solar Aeration Pump

Reduce reliance on the grid, reduce carbon emissions and reduce operating costs to ensure your production is on target.

Technology is the core of Difful Solar Pump

Water Pump Controller Technology

Water Pump Controller Technology

MPPT technology maximizes the power utilization of photovoltaic modules and continues to improve.

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Pump Motor Technology

Pump Motor Technology

Water-filled motors ensure reliability and avoid oil contamination. Brushless DC motor is specially designed for solar power.

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About Difful

Solar Water Pump Manufacturer

Zhejiang Dingfeng Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd(Difful) is an innovative technology-leading solar pump manufactory for DC solar pumps, AC/DC hybrid solar pumps, and shielded motor solar pumps. Since our founding in 1989, we have been 100% focused on this area, and we have hundreds of thousands of pumps in use worldwide. We have high-precision and fully automatic processing machines, advanced assembling lines and testing machines to improve the quality and efficiency. And we set up our own controller production and R&D workshop to ensure that every production process is under control.


years history


factory area


Annual output

What a charming person brings you is not only the trust, but also the kindness!I wish there was a a cheaper, greener and more durable solar pump to move water for you.
Bringing clean water to all people. Nothing is more important than drinking;Allow farmers and herdsmen to use water at low cost and enjoy the joy of harvest; Make it easier for our partners to do business and better serve end customers.——CEO FANG

What Do We Provide

We focus on your needs and grow together

Distributor Benefits

Provide premium supporting information, infrastructure, software, sales and marketing tools and technical support.....


Low MOQ, 1pc also supports OEM.

Efficient communication, highly personalized customization.

Close feedback to ensure that customers clearly understand the process of each step of the order.......


Customize your exclusive product;

Highly meet your customized requirements. Provide product development and production solutions.....

What Do Our Clients Say?

DIFFUL understand and meet our needs very well

and provide us with service programs and products in a timely manner according to our timetable. They are able to meet the needs of our market and support our analysis and development of future markets.

My engineer recommended DIFFUL to me.

We have been working with DIFFUL for 3 years since sample testing. During the cooperation process, we have established a good trust and friendship. They guarantee my maximum benefit while guaranteeing the quality of the product.

DIFFUL's after-sales service is the best and most timely among the companies I work with

They always provide immediate solutions after telling them the error code on the pump controller. If there is any quality problem with the product, maintenance parts or new pumps will be provided free of charge in a timely manner.

The DIFFUL sales team I work with are very helpful to me.

They helped to find the best pump for me. And guided me to choose the right solar panel and other accessories. Besides, they helped me to install it correctly. The pump is now running very well.

News & Articles

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer
  • The Best Solar Water Pumps Purchasing Guide
    The Best Solar Water Pumps Purchasing GuideMarch 24,2023
    We will go over all the important information about solar water pumps that you as a consumer need to keep in mind and be aware of in this tutorial. Having said that, it will be much simpler for you to select the finest solar water pump from the list above if you read our buying guide through to the finish.
  • What is the difference in Screw Solar pumps and centrifugal solar pumps?
    What is the difference in Screw Solar pumps and centrifugal solar pumps?March 16,2023
    The gist of the response is that a centrifugal solar pump would circulate water at a lower pressure but a bigger volume. Screw solar pumps, however, would provide less water flow but at a higher pressure. The primary distinction is in how fluid is moved: screw solar pumps push water using a helical rotor, while centrifugal solar pumps use an impeller to move water.
  • FLOWTECH CHINA (GUANGDONG) 2023丨DIFFUL Solar Pump invites you to visit the exhibition together
    FLOWTECH CHINA (GUANGDONG) 2023丨DIFFUL Solar Pump invites you to visit the exhibition togetherMarch 9,2023
    FLOWTECH CHINA(GUANGDONG) is a high-quality pump, pipe and valve exhibition in South China, and a one-stop purchasing platform. As an innovative technology-leading solar pump manufacturer, Difful solar pump was invited to participate in the exhibition.
  • Solar Water Pumping System in Africa
    Solar Water Pumping System in AfricaFebruary 17,2023
    As a result, solar water pumping systems are quickly becoming a viable alternative to outdated, labor-intensive or fuel-intensive pump systems. Difful solar water pumping systems that handle the complete pumping procedure, from extracting water from the ground to the place of usage (drinking, domestic, or irrigation).

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