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Fang Zhimin, the owner of company. He grew up in Dingfeng's production workshop. For him, he has deep feelings for Dingfeng. In order to better develop Dingfeng, he studied abroad. The development of Dingfeng is something that he will fight for all his life. At the same time, what he hopes most is to enable customers, employees and the company to achieve a multi-win situation.
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Bear family mission from childhood

I am Fang Zhimin, President of Zhejiang Dingfeng Electrical Co., Ltd., born in 1986 in a small village in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. In 1989, my father founded Taizhou Dingfeng Electrical Co., Ltd., which was the first company engaged in capacitors for water pumps.

I grew up in the workshop, and I deeply appreciate the hard work of my parents, and gradually an idea came to my mind: to help my parents revitalize the enterprise. After graduating from high school, I chose to study in Japan, hoping to realize my dream through what I have learned. The reason why I went to Japan was related to an experience. Once my father imported a high-end automatic winding equipment from Japan. When the equipment arrived at our factory, two Japanese engineers came together to guide us to install and operate the machine. I was deeply impressed by the advanced Japanese equipment and the engineers' spirit of pursuing excellence and serious working attitude. Japan has also become my first choice for studying abroad.

Go deep into Japanese manufacturing industry

During my study abroad in Japan, I maintained excellent grades and won a school scholarship every year. At the same time, I also wanted to experience manufacturing industry in Japan at close range, so, with continuous efforts, I applied for a part-time job opportunity in a Japanese capacitor factory. High-end dust-free factory buildings, clean and standard materials and tools, standardized assembly line production processes, complete testing equipment and R&D laboratories, are my first impression of Japanese factories. This internship experience gave me a deep understanding of the quality inspection procedures , the management system of employees, and the R&D capabilities of Japanese companies. The core of Japanese enterprises lies in the corporate culture and the ability to develop technologies. I began to reflect on the current situation and future of my father's company.

Quality management and marketing reform

After graduating and returning to China in 2009, I entered my father’s factory and helped to run the business. At that time, the factory faced many problems, and these problems were ultimately due to the lack of scientific production. Therefore, I reorganized the production process, purchased a large number of experimental equipment, established the quality inspection department, improve technical training for employees and implement a standardized production system. After a series of reforms, the qualified rate of products has reached 99.9%, which has truly eliminated customers' doubts about the quality of our products, and the company has also entered a healthy development track.

Solar water pump company was founded in Ningbo in 2015

In 2013, I came into contact with solar water pumps, and believed that solar water pumps are the trend of clean energy for water in the future. In order to cater to this trend of the times, in 2015, I set up a sales team with a total of 15 people for Internet business in Ningbo, and founded a solar water pump factory. Since then Dingfeng has entered its own water pump era and has its own brand with a registered trademark of "Difful".With the rapid development of the solar photovoltaic sector, the market demand for solar water pumps continues to expand. We purchase 8,000 square meters of factory buildings in Yinzhou District, Ningbo in 2022, and invest 10 million yuan to purchase advanced automation equipment. A total of 50 million yuan has been invested. Our main products include DC solar water pumps, AC/DC solar water pumps and AC shielded deep well pumps.From capacitors to water pumps, from Wenling to Ningbo, Dingfeng has completed a perfect transformation. I have experienced the succession of the second generation, and then started a business for 13 years.

Difful Spirit

Not just business, but trust

We have built cooperation with more than 1000 clients from over 50 countries in recent years, making us realize that doing business is to be a person. What customers value is not only product quality, but also the character of partners.

In 2015, two foreign customers came to China to purchase solar water pumps and visited more than 10 factories. In their view, our equipment and production technology are the best among the factories, while our price is not the cheapest. In the end, they decided to make decision after returning to their countries. On the way to the airport, they accidentally forgot their bags in the car. Cash, credit cards and passports were all in the bags. After learning what happened to them, I immediately drove to Shanghai to help them. That night, I helped them contact the police and arrange accommodation. With the efforts of many parties, the lost package was successfully recovered, and the customers returned to their countries smoothly. Soon after that, we received orders from them, and we are now very good friends.

Continuous innovation

Over the years, Dingfeng has always firmly believed that only by continuous innovation can we survive and seek development! Dingfeng invests 30% of its corporate income in R&D every year. Constantly launching of new products allow our distributors to get the greatest benefits. At present, Dingfeng owns a solar water pump controller production factory, a water pump parts finishing factory, and a solar water pump assembly factory. It has achieved an annual production scale of 200,000 solar water pumps and has grown steadily into an industry-leading solar water pump manufacturer.


Dingfeng concerned about the health of employees. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Dingfeng allocated 200,000 yuan of anti-epidemic funds for the purchase of anti-epidemic materials and various subsidies, and sent masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other anti-epidemic materials to employees,ensure zero infection for all employees. During the isolation period of employees, in addition to the normal payment of wages, subsidies were also allocated to them, which made them feel the warmth of Difful family.

Help customers succeed

At the Canton Fair in 2017, we met an African customer. The customer was very interested in solar water pumps. He believed that solar water pumps have great potential in the African market, but without previous experience in related fields, he was worried that he would not be able to carry out the business smoothly. In response to his confusion, our salesman carefully analyzed the market and introduced the selection method of solar pumps for him, and provided online business skills training to the customer's sales staff. Shortly thereafter, we signed a cooperation agreement. When the first batch of water pumps arrived, Dingfeng specially dispatched sales personnel to conduct event planning, product training, industry information training, etc. for this customer. With the support of the Dingfeng team, the customer's first batch of water pumps were sold out quickly, and then the second and third orders were placed... This customer also developed from a small distributor to a local big distributor.

Not chasing large enterprise size, but pursuing refinement, to create a century-old Dingfeng

Through the efforts of two generations, Dingfeng has become a well-known brand in the industry. I hope that Difful solar pump can be No.1 of the world in the future, that is my dream. Even if I can't achieve it, I believe that my children will continue to fight for it, pass on our family spirit, to build a century-old enterprise, and create a century-old brilliance.

Every day, we work with one goal: To help our partners succeed better

From sales consultants, R&D experts to quality control experts, our experienced team can quickly respond to changing markets and customize solutions according to the unique needs of different customers. We prove it every day.

Stable and Professional Sales Team

  • 5+ years solar pump customer service experience
  • Response within 1 hour and 24 hours online
  • One to one service, offer perfect customized solutions

Strong R&D Team

5 pump R&D engineers and 3 controller R&D engineers with more than 10 years industry experience;

  • For new product R&D, product scheme within 1 month , samles within 3 months;
  • R&D Team serves you all the time with your new product development

Strong QC Team

5 QC staff control the quality of each product through the process of IQC, LQC, PQC, OQA. Rigorous work is the guarantee of quality.

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