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Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs, are businesses that create goods or parts that are utilized as components in the products of other businesses.ODM, or original design manufacturer, refers to a business that creates items that are later marketed and offered for sale under a different brand name.
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Are you trying to find a certain solar water pump manufacturer or supplier?

Or do you require guidance on how to locate the ideal OEM or ODM for your requirements?

How to find a reputable OEM/ODM for solar water pumps?

You should first ascertain your unique needs and specifications for the solar water pump. This includes any other specs that are significant to you, such as flow rate, lift height, and power output. From there, you may look up several solar water pump manufacturers and evaluate their offerings, costs, and client testimonials.

Also, you might want to think about dealing with a business that provides custom services, as they can modify the appearance and functioning of the solar water pump to suit your unique requirements. This can help guarantee that you get a high-quality item that satisfies all of your needs.


As a professional solar pump manufacturer, Difful solar pump provides OEM/ODM service for you, we will work with you to design and manufacture a pump that meets your specific requirements, such as flow rate, pressure, and power output. The pumps will then be manufactured in accordance with your requests, with your branding and labeling, and distributed to you or your clients.

Label Customization

  • Label customization is the process of imprinting the product with the name and logo of the business in charge of custom creation. You can have your company name, logo and any other identifying information you want to include on the product.

  • You can collaborate with DIFFUL's designers to build a unique design that meets your requirements or you can supply artwork or graphic files that incorporate your branding.

  • The solar water pump, controller, and packaging will all have the finished label applied to them during manufacture so that they are prepared to be shipped to you or your clients as a completely branded product.

Outlet Customization: copper/ stainless steel

  • For a solar pump outlet, it is important to consider the size, shape, and material of the outlet. The diameter and shape of the connecting pipes or other equipment will determine the size and shape of the outlet. The material of the outlet should be chosen based on the type of fluid being pumped and the environmental conditions in which the pump will be used. Common materials for solar pump outlets include copper, iron and stainless steel stainless steel. To make sure the outlet design is suitable for the intended application, it's also crucial to take into account the working pressure and flow rate of the pump.

Oil Cylinder Customization: copper/iron/ stainless steel

  • The design of oil cylinder will depend on the specific needs of the pump system. The size, shape, and materials used in its construction, as well as the operating pressure and flow rate of the pump, are some factors to take into account when designing an oil cylinder for a solar pump.

  • The size and shape of the oil cylinder will depend on the volume of oil needed to operate the pump and the space available in the pump assembly. The ability of the material to endure the pressure and temperature ranges of the pump system should be taken into consideration when selecting it for the cylinder's construction. Materials for oil cylinders include copper, iron and stainless steel.

Connecting Fitting Customization:copper/ stainless steel

  • The connection between the pump body and the motor of the solar water pump is usually done through a connecting fitting. The connecting fitting can be of different materials such as copper or stainless steel and is designed to ensure a reliable connection between the pump body and the motor.

  • The main function of the connecting fitting is to ensure a stable connection between the pump body and the motor to ensure the normal operation of the pump. Connecting fittings need to have sufficient strength and stability so that they do not loosen or break during operation.

Controller Customization

  • A solar water pump controller is an essential component of a solar water pump system, as it regulates the flow of power from the solar panels to the pump and ensures that the pump operates efficiently and effectively.

Consider the following factors when customize your solar water pump controllers

Input voltage and current range

To properly power the water pump, you must ascertain the output voltage and current range of your solar panels.

Type of water pump

Depending on the type of pump, different controllers are needed, such as a DC controller for DC water pumps or an ACDC controller for ACDC water pumps.

Controller functions

The controller may have a variety of features, including protection, automatic switch/off, flow regulation, and more, depending on your demands.

Environmental adaptability

Because solar water pump controllers must operate outdoors, they must be waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, and waterproof.

Installation and maintenance

To ensure that it can be used and maintained conveniently, controllers should be simple to install, use, and maintain.

Customized design

If you need special features or want to integrate the controller with other devices, you can discuss and customize a controller that meets your specific needs with the engineers of DIFFUL.

Customize Controller Appearance

DIFFUL is able to offer customization options for the controller's appearance, including color. Once the design specifications are established, DIFULL will work to produce controllers that meet your specific requirements for appearance, functionality, and performance.

Customize the Packaging

  • Packaging is crucial for both protecting your product and giving buyers a favorable first impression. So, take time to carefully consider your packaging options and work with DIFFUL to create premium, unique packaging for your solar water pump.

  1. 1. Choose the material for packing, such as wooden box, carton, etc.
  2. 2. Communicate with DIFFUL designer and provide relevant copywriting and logos to ensure that the information on the label is accurate.
  3. 3. After confirming the packaging sample, DIFFUL will customize the packaging you need.

DIFFUL OEM/ODM Service Questions and Answers


Is it possible to co-develop new products with customers?


We have a professional technical team that can work with customers to develop new products.


Are samples available for customer testing and evaluation?


Yes, sample order is supported.


Is it possible to protect the intellectual property rights and commercial secrets of customers?


We strictly protect the intellectual property rights and business secrets of our customers, and ensure their uniqueness of the customerized products.


Can you provide reliable quality assurance and after-sales service?


QC staff control the quality of each product through the process of IQC, LQC, PQC, OQA.2 years warranty, quick response to any quality problems within 24 hours.

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