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Nowadays, it is very easy to find a solar pump manufacturer on the website,Searching "solar pump manufacturer" on Google can find a bunch of them, but the reality is that it took us a lot of time to select qualified suppliers, and we communicated for a long time and then confirmed that the supplier's ability does not meet the requirements. How can we quickly identify a qualified solar water pump supplier?
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How to verify whether the solar pump manufacturer has qualified production capacity?

As a qualified factory, the most basic requirement is to have some certificates, such as social responsibility certificate and ISO-9001 standard certificate; in addition, a qualified factory must be certified by a third party, such as SGS.We can clearly identify the annual output value of the factory, production line conditions, organizational structure, product testing report, and product certificate in this report

How to verify that the solar pump manufacturer is worthy of long-term cooperation?

Every company wants to have a stable supply chain. A stable supply chain is not only related to the company's risk control, but also to the stability of the company's operations.

Solar water pump manufacturers worthy of long-term cooperation must have at least 10 years of experience. You can make a basic judgment based on the company's establishment time. In theory, a company that has been in business for a long time will be more trustworthy than a company that has been in business for a short time.

In addition to some explicit capability assessments, we also need to focus on other capabilities of suppliers.

Why Work With Difful?

Zhejiang Dingfeng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (Difful) is an innovative technology-leading solar pump manufacturer. We have been 100% focused on this field since our founding in 1989 and we have hundreds of thousands of pumps in use around the world.

We have high-precision and fully automatic processing machines, advanced assembly lines and testing machines to improve quality and efficiency. And we have our own controller production research and development workshop to ensure that every production process is under control. Better cost control provides customers with greater profit margins.

Difful solar pumps have passed CE and ISO quality management system certification, and have a number of patent certificates, as well as SGS factory inspection reports.

How can you prove the quality of your solar pumps?

  • Certified by CE and ISO 9001 quality management system. 5S Standardized Workshop means a strict inspection and control of the product quality.

  • Incoming Material Inspection: The three-coordinate measuring instrument is used to carry out strict sampling inspection on the parts to determine the dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy.

  • Process inspection: 1800V withstand voltage test of the coil, 40m underwater withstand voltage test of the motor, performance test and appearance inspection of the whole machine. All products are 100% quality inspected.

How to select solar pump?

  • The type of pump required depends on the type of fluid or material being pumped and the size of the pump required for the application. Selecting the correct pump for application is important as the wrong pump can damage the system or cause poor performance. Difful has an experienced consulting team that can provide selection guidance for partners and better serve end customers.

Is the pump system easy to install?

  • Over 90% of our users successfully install their solar pumps on their own. This is evidence of both the "do it yourself" mentality and of our company's ongoing efforts to make our systems simpler to install.

  • Provide detailed full-color user manuals, and provide online training guidance for our partners to help end users complete planning and installation.

What type of solar pumps does Difful offer?

  • Difful Solar Pump is a professional manufacturer for solar water pumps, with a wide range of products, including solar submersible pumps and surface solar pumps.Solar submersible pump: solar screw pump, solar pump with plastic impellers, solar pump with stainless steel impellers , water-filled motor solar water pumpSolar Surface Pumps: solar booster pumps, solar swimming pool Pumps, solar centrifugal pumps

  • Solar submersible pump: solar screw pump, solar pump with plastic impellers, solar pump with stainless steel impellers , water-filled motor solar water pumpSolar Surface Pumps: solar booster pumps, solar swimming pool Pumps, solar centrifugal pumps

What about the after-sales policy?

  • Most Difful solar pumps enjoy a 2-year warranty, and the water-filled motor solar water pump enjoys a 3-year warranty. If quality problem or broken,show us picture or video evidence and we will provide you a new one within warranty period. If you do not know how to troubleshoot, don't worry. We have video instructions to guide you. Any of your after-sales questions will be responded within 24 hours.

DIFFUL Customer Case

A South African customer often came to China before, but it was not convenient to inspect the factory in person due to the epidemic.

So our salesman actively communicated with the customer, and the two parties agreed on a suitable time to visit the factory workshop online to learn about Difful.

Difful's business manager, CEO, and a third-party factory inspection agency also participated in the entire process. In addition, we made a detailed cooperation plan and support plan for the customer.

The customer was very moved by Difful's sincerity and placed an order soon after.

The customer was very interested in solar water pumps.

He believed that solar water pumps have great potential in the African market, but without previous experience in related fields, he was worried that he would not be able to carry out the business smoothly.

In response to his confusion, our salesman carefully analyzed the market and introduced the selection method of solar pumps for him, and provided online business skills training to the customer's sales staff.

Shortly thereafter, we signed a cooperation agreement. When the first batch of water pumps arrived, Dingfeng specially dispatched sales personnel to conduct event planning, product training, industry information training, etc. for this customer. With the support of the Dingfeng team, the customer's first batch of water pumps were sold out quickly, and then the second and third orders were placed... This customer also developed from a small distributor to a local big distributor.

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