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Expansion Update: Difful Solar Pump Factory Introduces High-Power High-Speed Deep Well Pump Production Line

Expansion Update: Difful Solar Pump Factory Introduces High-Power High-Speed Deep Well Pump Production Line

Nov 24,2023
Difful Solar Pump Factory Introduces
 Difful Solar Pump Factory has recently added a new production line specifically dedicated to manufacturing high-power high-speed deep well pumps. This strategic move is in response to the expanding domestic market, necessitating an increase in production capacity to meet the growing demands of our customers.

The new production line will focus on the production of high-power high-speed deep well pumps, with a maximum power of up to 22kw and a larger water capacity. The anticipated start of production for this new product is scheduled for the end of this month. For users requiring extensive irrigation, this will be an excellent choice.

As society progresses, the demand for pumps becomes more diverse, with increasing requirements for power and water capacity. Difful Solar Pump Factory has been committed to continuous innovation, aiming to provide more efficient and powerful products. The addition of this new production line is a proactive response to market demands and a testament to our technological prowess.

We believe that by continuously optimizing our pump offerings, we will better meet the needs of our customers, providing reliable and efficient solar pump products. We appreciate the ongoing support from everyone and look forward to the success of our new product in the market!

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