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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - The sales season is coming, what should the dealer do?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - The sales season is coming, what should the dealer do?
Issue Time:2019-09-20

Since September, the sales of solar water pumps have gradually entered the peak season of sales. After entering the peak season, what do you need to do as a dealer to boost your sales?

1. Grasp key distributors. 80% of sales are generated by 20% of customers. Similarly, 20% of customers create 80% of profits. The key distributors mentioned here refer to those distributors who have the ability to cover and drive one network and can implement product distribution. The purpose of seizing key distributors is to allow products to quickly reach the end of the channel and effectively intercept competing products through their distribution network.

2. Grasp the key terminals. For manufacturers, it is necessary to control the terminal to control the channel, and for the dealer, it is also necessary to control the terminal to control the manufacturer and distributor.

3. Place an order in advance. The peak season for sales is a phased shorteconomy. At this time, to avoid the shortage of goods on the market, out of stock, is the dealer's first priority. Dealers should plan the product sales cycle reasonably by placing orders in advance, and try to avoid the shortage of products during the peak season.

4. Increase the inventory. Since the product is out of stock in the peak season, in order not to affect the smooth sales of the product, the dealer should increase the inventory of the product during this period. You can ensure the supply during the peak season by setting up temporary warehouses and applying for factory subsidies.

5. Reasonable sales forecast. In order for dealers to achieve the desired invoicing, they must also do a good job in product sales forecasting. According to the historical period, the sales volume in the most recent month, and the sales trend, the amount of product invoicing can be reasonably planned. At this time, it is necessary to increase the inventory amount appropriately based on the original 1.5 times inventory rule. At the same time, do dynamic inventory control to prevent product shortages. In addition, in order not to cause a large backlog of products after the peak season. As a dealer, according to the sales trend, it is suitable to ship and stock in the peak season. Avoid a large backlog of products in the warehouse, and let the profits not be realized.

6. Assessment of key indicators. Dealers should also learn from the practices of some big brand manufacturers, and evaluate their own salesmen's indicators that have a key role in profit, namely KPI indicators. In addition, we must design some individual assessments for the month. Guide the goal through positive and negative incentives.

7. The sales area should be within its controllable range. The so-called controllable range is the sales area that can be delivered to the customer within the time required by the customer. Although some remote places have sales, but the amount is not large, at this time, dealers should also fully consider. It can be arbitrarily circumvented by large-scale delivery to avoid the scale caused by the transportation distance but not economical.



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