DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Importance of Pool Water Treatment

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Importance of Pool Water Treatment
Issue Time:2018-10-22

Many swimming pools are open-air, and the dust in the air easily falls into the pool. Human skin also brings a lot of bacteria and viruses to the water. Excessive bacteria in the swimming pool water is the most likely cause of inflammation of the conjunctiva. The symptoms are the common "red eyes". Excessive bacteria can also cause diarrhea.Excessive levels of chlorine in swimming pools can cause exercise-induced asthma. The harm of chlorine to the human body is mainly manifested in the strong stimulation of the upper respiratory tract mucosa, which can cause respiratory infections. Heavy metal pollution in the swimming pool may cause human poisoning. Therefore, the water in the swimming pool must be purified to ensure the health of the person.

How to choose swimming pool water treatment equipment?

1. The number of circulating water pumps should be configured with multiple pumps at the same time to reduce the capacity of the standby pump.

2. The circulating water pump should be a swimming pool Special pump with large volume hair filter. The swimming pool pump should with copper, stainless steel or high-density, high-strength plastic .

3. If a cast iron circulating water pump is used, the impeller should be made of copper or stainless steel, the mechanical seal should be corrosion-resistant material, and the motor should be fully enclosed.

4. Advisable to use a low-speed circulating water pump to facilitate flow regulation and reduce noise.

5. Pump sets and pipelines should be provided with measures to reduce vibration and reduce noise.

6. The flow rate of the water pump suction pipe should be 1.0~1.5 m/s, and the flow rate of the water outlet pipe should be 1.5-2.5 m/s.


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