DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- How to Choose A Booster Pump

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- How to Choose A Booster Pump

Issue Time:2018-10-24

When the home water pressure is insufficient, the boosterpump can be used to solve the pressure problem. However, when faced withdifferent booster pumps, how do you choose the right booster pump?

Before you choose, you should first understand the length ofthe pipeline at home, the size of the pipe, the number of possible elbows, andthe amount of water that needs to be supplied.

The pump has a method of marking the highest head flow and rated headflow. When selecting a booster pump, you need to calculate the required head.The rated head is the best, which can exceed 20% of the rated head (the headneeds to be increased when the pipeline turns too much). The maximum head onlyindicates the pressure that can be reached. If you want to pump up to themaximum head height, you can say that there is no water.

difful solar surface pump

The functions of the booster pump products includeself-priming, constant voltage, frequency conversion, overheat protection,dry-running protection, automatic and other functions. Generally, the householdbooster needs to select three basic functions: automatic, thermal overloadprotection and dry-running protection. . When you use it, you will feelconvenient, and the machine performance will be stable and the service lifewill be longer.


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