DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Features and Applications of Solar Submersible Pumps

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Features and Applications of Solar Submersible Pumps

Issue Time:2018-09-18

Solar submersible pumps use solar from anywhere to extract water from deep wells for live.

Solar submersible pumps are the most attractive water supply in sunny areas, especially in remote areas where electricity is scarce. The solar submersible pump system is fully automatic and requires no personnel to take care of it and has low maintenance costs.

difful solar submersible pump

DIFFUL pump-your water pump expert, provides you with a professional water pump solution.

The DIFFUL solar submersible pump has the following features:

1. Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor: the efficiency is increased by 15%-20%, saving energy and reducing the amount of solar panels;

2.304 stainless steel shaft, Japan NSK bearing, double bearing base, alloy mechanical seal, long life and reliable operation;

3. Intelligent water shortage protection: the program detection automatically stops when there is no water in the well, and starts automatically after 30 minutes;

4. Automatic power on and off, high voltage / low voltage /over current / high temperature protection.


Solar submersible pumps are mainly used in drinking water,domestic water, animal husbandry, agricultural irrigation, fountains, etc.


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