DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Choose Which Pump Manufacturer to Buy Solar Water Pump

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Choose Which Pump Manufacturer to Buy Solar Water Pump
Issue Time:2018-09-13

Solar water pumps use solar energy to drive water pumps. Due to the large land area in many countries and the high cost of building electric power infrastructure, solar products are becoming more and more popular.Especially in developed agricultural areas, the use of solar water pumps for agricultural irrigation and animal husbandry will solve many inconveniences and reduce construction costs.

DIFFUL pump industry, specializing in the production of various types of solar water pumps, exported to more than 70 countries in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Europe and other regions.

DIFFUL solar water pump

DIFFUL solar water pumps include solar submersible pumps,solar pool pumps and solar surface pumps.

Product parameters:

Flow: 0.5/h-27/h

Head: 14m-203m

Power: 80w-1500w

Voltage: 12v-110v

Cable length: 2 meters

Seal form: mechanical seal

Warranty period: 2 years


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