DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Sudanese Customers' Reference to Solar Submersible Pumps

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Sudanese Customers' Reference to Solar Submersible Pumps
Issue Time:2018-09-12

The Republic of Sudan (Arabic: جمهورية السودان), referred to as Sudan, is located in the northeastern part of Africa, the Red Sea coast, at the eastern end of the Sahara Desert.

The Sudan has a single economic structure, mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry, and is highly dependent on nature and foreign aid.

The land area of Sudan is 1,886,068 square kilometers. Due to the large land area and insufficient power development, there are significant restrictions on the agriculture and animal husbandry in Sudan. DIFFUL solar pumps use solar to extract water for agriculture and animal husbandry.Therefore, DIFFUL solar water pumps have a large market in Sudan. At present,DIFFUL solar water pumps have already had many customers in Sudan and helped them solve the problem of water supply difficulties.

A Sudanese customer purchased the DIFFUL solar submersible pump. Water is extracted from the well to irrigate his crops. What he bought was a 4-inch plastic impeller submersible solar pump. The solar pump has a power of 1300 W, a voltage of 110 V, a maximum head reach of 58 M, and a maximum of 9 cubic meters of water per hour. After the customer installed the pump,send us a photo and let us see his lovely vegetable garden. The Sudanese customer said that the DIFFUL solar submersible pump he purchased was operating very well. Now he has become very convenient to irrigate crops, and he is very satisfied with the DIFFUL solar pump.


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