DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-What Are The Disadvantages of Long-term Low-flow Operation of Centrifugal Pumps?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-What Are The Disadvantages of Long-term Low-flow Operation of Centrifugal Pumps?

Issue Time:2018-09-11

Under normal circumstances, the pump works at the rated flow rate is the most reasonable, but sometimes for some reasons, the pump operate sunder small flow conditions, which will cause some of the following negative effects.

(1) The efficiency is lowered and the power consumption is increased. The smaller the flow rate of the same pump, the less efficient it is, so it is uneconomical to operate at low flow rates. At this time, it is necessary to refit the appropriate high-efficiency small pump.

(2) The vibration noise increases, causing environmental pollution, damaging the pump components and affecting the service life of the pump. When the pump is working in the small flow area, the de-flow loss, impact loss and vortex loss of the pump over-current component are further increased due to deviation from the design point. These losses are accompanied by a large amount of hydraulic noise and mechanical vibration.

(3) The internal recirculation of the pump is greatly increased, and the cohesive heat is increased, which causes the temperature of the liquid in the pump to rise, causing the pump body to heat up, affecting the mechanical properties of the pump parts, and also deteriorating the cavitation performance of the pump, further affecting the pump Inhalation conditions.

(4) The radial force of the centrifugal pump is increased,which makes the stress of the pump's rotor worse. Since the pump deviates from the design operating point when operating in the small flow zone, the liquid flow velocity in the vortex chamber is reduced. The liquid outflow velocity in the impeller increases instead, so that the liquid cannot merge, form an impact, continuously increase the pressure, and generate a radial force.


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