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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Indian Solar Water Pump Application

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Indian Solar Water Pump Application

Issue Time:2018-09-08

India is a country with very scarce electricity.One of the most important reasons for India's lack of electricity is the loss of transmission lines. In the case of ensuring priority supply from cities and industries, there is almost no electricity available in rural India.

indian solar water pump application1

To this end, India has launched an ambitious solar industry plan and plans to invest nearly 100 billion US dollars in the next seven years. As one of the plans, solar water pumps have been put into use in parts of India. This pump uses inexhaustible solar energy, has many advantages such as environmental protection and low operating costs. Once it runs successfully, India plans to promote it nationwide!

indian solar water pump application2

DIFFUL Pump is a factory specializing in the production of various types of solar water pumps. In addition to providing farmer's irrigation needs, the DIFFUL pump industry's solar water pump can also be used for household water intake, livestock drinking water and swimming pool water circulation.


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