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PUMP INDUSTRY-Global Pumps Industry Technology Development Trend

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PUMP INDUSTRY-Global Pumps Industry Technology Development Trend

Issue Time:2018-05-29

The technological development of the pump,like that of other industries, is driven by market demand. Under the backdropof the huge demand arising from the high-tech development in the fields ofenvironmental protection and electronics, and the sustainable development ofthe world. it has brought rapid technological change and development to thepump industry.

solar submersible pump

Thetechnical development trend of the pump mainly includes the following points:

1.Diversification of products

Its diversity is mainly reflected inseveral aspects such as the diversity of the pump transmission medium, thedifference in product structure, and the different operating requirements.

Thediversity of the conveying medium is changed from the earliest flowable liquid,gas, or slurry to a deliverable solid-liquid mixture, a gas-liquid mixture, asolid-liquid-gas mixture, and the delivery of living objects such as potatoes,fish, and the like. Different transport objects have different requirements forthe internal structure of the pump. The operating environment of the pump alsoputs forward many requirements for the design of the pump. According todifferent focuses or several focuses, it also forms a diversified form of thepump.

2.Product standardization and modularization

Inorder to increase the competitive advantage of product prices, it is necessaryto achieve standardization and modularization of product components. After themodularization of many parts and components, through the combination ofdifferent modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts, in orderto achieve product diversification.

3.Further development of mechatronics

Todevelop the pump technology level, it is necessary to proceed from thesupporting motor, control technology and other aspects at the same time toconsider comprehensively to maximize the comprehensive level of mechatronicsintegration.

4.Accelerated use of new materials and new processes

Theuse of new materials and new processes is a major factor in the development ofpump technology. For the solution of the pump's corrosion resistance, wearresistance, high temperature and other environmental effects are veryimportant. The further development of new materials and the application of newprocesses will be intensified, and applications in the pump sector will be moreextensive.

5. Widespreaduse of new energy

Energyshortage has become a bottleneck for the sustainable development of society andeconomy today. The development and use of new energy that is characterized byenvironmental protection and renewable energy have become the focus of globalattention. The widespread use of new energy in pump products will be a trend inthe development of pump technology.(Such as: DC SOLAR WATER PUMP,AC SOLAR PUMP,SOLARPOOL PUMP,SURFACE SOLAR PUMP,SUBMERSIBLE SOLAR PUMP).


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