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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Solar plan for Indian computers

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Solar plan for Indian computers
Issue Time:2017-09-21

Authorities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have drawn up a pilot project to use solar power to run computers in village schools.DC solar pump

Nearly 80% of houses are estimated to have no power, and many villages suffer frequent disruption in supply because of power cuts or other faults.

Many have to use kerosene lamps for light and most government-run primary schools have no power at all.

It is hoped the plan will help schools cope with the rural power crisis.

Last year, the Uttar Pradesh Education for All Project Board bought about 1,000 computers for selected primary schools in all 70 districts.

The schools were selected in villages which had no power lines, and teachers were given special training for computer-aided education.

A further 1,000 computers are to be purchased this year for village schools, but most of these will not work because there is no power available.

"In the present situation of power supply we are not sure that electricity will be available in rural schools for computers," said GB Patnaik from the Alternative Energy Department.

"To overcome this, we have drawn a scheme to arrange solar energy for these computers."

The cost of running solar panels to power computers in one school would cost about £1,000, which is expensive for many schools.

But Parth Sarthi Sen Sharma, director for the Education for All project, said funds would be arranged on a 50-50 basis by both departments.

Mr Sharma said the expenditure will be cost effective in the long run.


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