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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Attempt to improve harbour water

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Attempt to improve harbour water
Issue Time:2017-09-19

A new campaign to improve water quality in Bristol's Floating Harbour through better drainage and other measures has been launched.DC solar bore pump

Better waste pump-out facilities and more information on how boat owners can be more environmentally-friendly are part of the Get On Board initiative.

A council spokeswoman said development of the area had attracted more users and increased environmental pressures.

A workboat has also been purchased to help collect floating rubbish.

Also being tested is Roll-Royce's experimental Green Machine which uses natural processes to improve water quality.

If the concept is successful, larger versions will be built and deployed in Bristol harbour.

The machine uses solar power to pump water from the harbour, which is then filtered through a series of reed beds.

Approximately two litres of water flows through the system every minute and is continually cleaned as it is cascaded through each level.

Early tests are showing that there is a 98% improvement in bacteria levels, a Rolls-Royce spokeswoman said. 


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