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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Precautions for the use of photovoltaic pumps

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Precautions for the use of photovoltaic pumps

Issue Time:2020/04/11

The use of photovoltaic pumps is generally in remote areas, so its reliability needs to be guaranteed. We need to pay special attention to the installation and use of photovoltaic pumps. The following introduces the precautions for the use of photovoltaic pumps:


  1. Prevent dry running


  During commissioning, the dry time of the photovoltaic water pump cannot exceed 90S. If it exceeds 90S, the pump motor may be damaged due to excessive dry running temperature. When the photovoltaic water pump is running, when the water level is too low, the solar controller can cut off the power supply in time to protect the motor and prevent the motor from dry running without water.


  2. Water pipe antifreeze


  For use in areas where the outside temperature is too low, the water pipe needs to be buried deep about 10cm below the freezing line. It is strictly forbidden to expose the pipe to the air, so that the waterproof pipe is frozen and cracked. When the photovoltaic water pump finishes running, drain the pipeline water as soon as possible. There are three ways to achieve the water discharge function:

  1) Install manual valves and arrange operation and maintenance workers to rotate the valves to drain water regularly.

  2) Install the pressure relief valve. Set the pressure of the water pipe. When the pressure is greater than the set value, the pressure relief valve will automatically open to drain the water.

  3) Drill holes in the non-frozen area of ​​the pipeline. When the system is shut down, the excess water in the pipeline can be discharged from the small hole. Note that the opening of the small hole should be on the downstream side of the one-way valve.


  3. Cable waterproof


  The cables of photovoltaic pump motors are generally short (easy to transport). Therefore, the cable connection is required when installing the photovoltaic water pump. For the water pump, the cable joint is likely to be in the water, so waterproof plastic sealing is very important. We generally use professional cable joints and plastic pipes as tools for cable connection. In some places with strict requirements, special photovoltaic water pump junction boxes are required for connection;


 4. Sand control


  Solid sand, or stones, can cause serious damage to the photovoltaic pump and greatly reduce the service life of the pump. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the inhalation of sand particles. It is best to install a sand filter at the pump inlet. Especially for water sources with high sand content, filters must be installed.


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