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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP -- 2019 autumn Canton Fair harvested huge

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP -- 2019 autumn Canton Fair harvested huge
Issue Time:2019-10-30

In 2019.10.15-19, our company participated in the Autumn Canton Fair. The CEO of our company personally led the sales team to participate in this Canton Fair. The team traveled to Guangzhou two days in advance, after the arrival, after the rest, the next day to carry out the booth layout work. After the booth was arranged, the CEO of the company led everyone to enjoy a delicious dinner and added energy to the intense exhibition work.


At this exhibition, we launched a new solar surface pump. At the same time, we also bring a price list with market competitiveness.

During the exhibition, our sales team received hundreds of customers every day. Customers show a high level of interest and recognition of our solar pump products. Every day, our sales staff are very busy and don't even have time to eat. However, everyone is very happy about this kind of busyness. Since we brought the best price to our customers during the exhibition, many customers gave us orders at the show. This Canton Fair has brought a large number of effective customers to our company. There are several customers who come with hundreds of thousands of dollars in trading volume. The Canton Fair was very successful for our company and brought us huge profits.

After the Canton Fair ended, many orders were sold. The Canton Fair has added a good result to the company's sales performance. I believe that in the future development path, our company will have better breakthroughs and development.



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