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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - What should I do during the off-season sales?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - What should I do during the off-season sales?
Issue Time:2019-08-22

There is always a period of time in the year that is not conducive to product sales or does not conform to consumer behavior habits. The marketing industry calls it the off season.


So, as a distributor in the pump industry, what should be done in the off-season?

1. Clear inventory

First check the warehouse. Classification the products in the warehouse. Handling unpopular models during the off-season to reduce inventory pressure and provide adequate funding for the next peak season;

2, engage in promotions

In the off-season promotion, one can attract new and old customers through various promotion forms, increasing the popularity of the store. While driving brand promotion, increase sales of other products in the store. Second, the backlog of in-stock products and unpopular products can be quickly digested and the funds can be quickly returned.

3. Do publicity

During the peak season, dealers are very busy and don't have time to do brand or own store promotions. The off-season is the best time to promote yourself.

4. Development outlets

Development outlets are not only looking for new partners in the blank market in their own region, but also sorting out existing distributors to achieve the survival of the fittest and ensuring the integrity and good development of their regional channels.

5, accounting.

Clearing up the accounts will allow you to find out the reasons for the losses incurred in the previous period and prepare for the next "battle."

6. Strengthen personnel training.

In the off-season, the morale of the team began to decline, and there was a feeling of laxity. At the same time, many people wanted to use the off-season to recuperate. But such thoughts and behaviors are very detrimental to the development of the team. At this time, we need to use the off-season to strengthen the training of team members.

7. Do a good job in market basic work.

In the off-season, the competition in the market is not so intense, and there is time to do the basic work of the market. Such as end user surveys. You can also use this time to inventory and improve store vision, operational strategy, and warehousing planning.


There is no fixed answer to what to do in the off-season. But no matter what, dealers should make timely adjustments in various aspects according to their actual situation, market changes and changes in the competitive environment.

DIFFUL will also spare no effort to assist dealers to expand their business and strengthen the market at any time!



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