DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Although it is a low season for sales, it is still very busy.

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Although it is a low season for sales, it is still very busy.
Issue Time:2019-08-20

Generally, the first half of March to May, and the second half of September to December, is the peak season for sales. The rest of the time is generally deserted, especially in June, July and August, during the transition period of two peak seasons. Solar water pumps use sunlight to work, so they are very popular in sunny areas. Due to this feature of solar water pumps, it is mainly exported to foreign markets. In July and August of each year, many customers will have a vacation of about one month. So in the two months, solar pump sales have been even more bleak.


This year, due to the worst drought in Thailand in 10 years, DIFFUL solar pumps still have very good sales performance despite being in the off-season. In the past two months, the factory has been very busy. In addition to being affected by the drought in Thailand, it is also a manifestation of the DIFFUL solar pump's market share. DIFFUL solar pumps have always attached great importance to product quality and service. At the same time, we also provide the most comprehensive support for dealers. In addition to providing quality products, we actively help dealers to better promote our products and actively solve the after-sales problems of products. After hard work, the market share of DIFFUL solar water pumps is increasing year by year.

In the face of better sales performance, DIFFUL has adjusted its factory management and scale to ensure product delivery.



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