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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Solar water pumps to Ecological Agriculture

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Solar water pumps to Ecological Agriculture

Issue Time:2019-03-29
                                           Solar water pumps to Ecological Agriculture
Building Ecological Agriculture with Solar Water Pump

Eco-planting is a superior way of agricultural planting. We can grow the greenest vegetables and raise the most fresh aquatic products in the mountains and rivers.
Ecological fishery
    Raising ornamental fish

You can use solar pumps to breed ornamental fish, such as golden carp, which is a good view for tourists.
            Solar Aerator
 Increasing oxygen content in water:
            Solar Aerator

It can be used in ecological aquaculture of fishery to increase oxygen content in water without using other energy sources.
Ecological agriculture
    Agricultural irrigation
Solar pumps are used for agricultural irrigation to reduce labor costs. The use of solar pumps can provide power for pumps, clean and environmentally friendly.
        DIFFUL Solar Pump
Including the following products
       Solar Pool Pump
      Raising cattle and sheep
While irrigating vegetables, you can also provide water for cattle and sheep and provide them with adequate drinking water.
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