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DIFFUL--How to Use Deep Well Pump

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DIFFUL--How to Use Deep Well Pump

Issue Time:2019-03-16
When Should Deep Well Pump be Selected

What's the difference between a deep-water pump and a submersible pump? When should we choose a submersible pump and a deep-water pump?

The difference between deep water pump and submersible pump
Submersible pumps
Submersible pumps, motors and impellers are integrated through mechanical seals, working under water as a whole, suitable for large space extraction operations.

Submersible pumps have less head and power.
DEEP Well Pump
Deep water pump has slender structure. The motor and impeller are connected by a long axis. The motor is generally above the water surface and suitable for working in slender space.

Deep Well  pumps have higher head and power.
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