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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar Farm, Singapore Vertical Farm

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar Farm, Singapore Vertical Farm

Issue Time:2019-01-08

Singapore has a very peculiar landscape: many kinds of agricultural products are grown in the open space between the building and the building, even the parking lot. Among them, commercial vertical farms are a common planting facility in Singapore. The farm is a translucent structure and is generally four stories high. The entire building is constructed from recycled materials and recyclable materials. The top is made of solar panels.At least 40% of the electricity used on farms comes from solar energy. Vertical farms are a new type of indoor planting. It emerges to solve resources and make full use of space. It uses a soil less solution cultivation method to convert sewage into electricity and greatly reduce energy costs.


Vertical farms are a new type of agricultural development model that uses a variety of agricultural production in high-rise buildings to make full use of renewable resources and greenhouse technology to significantly increase agricultural production and land use.

The core of the farm we often say is in the countryside.However, vertical farms are a city-centered farm development model. As the urbanization process continues to accelerate, the urban population is also increasing. The increase in urban population, the contradiction between the supply and safety of vegetables and foods have arisen. To solve the problem of eating for such a large population. We may need a new food production model – a vertical farm that grows food and vegetables in skyscrapers.



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