DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Common Faults and Solutions for Deep Well Pumps

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Common Faults and Solutions for Deep Well Pumps

Issue Time:2019-01-04

Common faults in the use of deep well pumps: broken shaft,reduced pump flow, reduced efficiency, vibration overrun when pump is working,pump tube loose.

, broken shaft. It is the most common failure of deep well pumps. It can happen in the upper, middle and lower parts of the pump body.

1. The well pipe is not straight, causing the pump shaft and the pump pipe to tilt, causing the pump pipe to bend and increasing the radial load of the pump shaft to generate a broken shaft. Solution: Deeply dig the waterway, increase the diameter of the well; check whether the wall is damaged.

2. Broken shaft occurs when the start-up does not comply with the operating procedures. The deep well pump is not used for a long time, and the belt is rotated by hand 3 to 4 times a month. Otherwise, the Bearing, the pump shaft, the drive shaft and the impeller guide bush will be seriously rusted. If it is started in this situation, a broken axis will occur. Solution:The operator only needs to use the wrench to turn the drive wheel a few times before starting, according to the operating procedures, to check whether the transmission is abnormal. If the rotation is not light, an appropriate amount of water-lubricated bearings can be injected into the pump tube. The deep well pump cannot be restarted immediately after it stops. If the pump is full of water, the pump tube filled with water will easily break the shaft due to the large resistance. It must be started after the water in the pump tube is completely discharged.


, the pump flow is reduced and the efficiency is reduced.

1. The axial clearance is too large, so that the impeller is in an abnormal working position. The axial clearance should be adjusted.

2. The impeller and the diversion shell are cavitation or wear, and new parts should be replaced.

3. The impeller is loose and the sliding key should be improved.

4. The suction pipe is clogged, there are debris on the impeller, and there are debris between the guide vanes, which should be cleaned.

5. The rated number of revolutions has not been reached,mainly because the belt is slippery and the pulleys are not properly matched.The belt should be loosely fitted, not too loose, and the belt oil (wax) should be applied in time.

6. The well pump is not matched, the amount of water inflow is insufficient, and it should be matched with a reasonable deep well pump.

7. Increase the lift at will, should correct it according to the instructions.


, the vibration of the pump when working exceeds the limit.

Corrective measures:

1. Correct the drive shaft and replace the over-torn bearings.

2. Adjust the axial clearance to solve the upward or downward deflection of the working part of the impeller.

3. Use a workover or a deep water pump with a small diameter to solve the problem that the well pipe is not vertical.

4. It should be installed correctly as required.


, the pump tube is loose.

1. The well pipe is not straight and the wall is not smooth. Workover solve;

2. The coupling (set) is not the same. Correctly adjusted as required;

3. Due to improper fastening, the thread should be handled properly and tightened properly;

4. After the shutdown, the water sag causes the shaft to reverse, causing the thread to loosen. It is solved by slowing down the return flow rate of water in the pipe after shutdown.


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