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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Photovoltaic Water Pumping System (Solar Water Pump) Application

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Photovoltaic Water Pumping System (Solar Water Pump) Application
Issue Time:2018-08-31

Per capita water resources are scarce, droughts occur frequently, soil erosion is severe, and the power grid cannot fully cover remote areas. These problems have a serious impact on people's lives, drinking water and agriculture. In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly, and the cost has been declining. Photovoltaic products have begun to enter people's lives. Among them, photovoltaic water pumping system (solar water pump) is a combination of photovoltaic products and water pump, which is innovatively applied to domestic water, agricultural irrigation, ecological restoration, grassland animal husbandry and other needs. As a new applicationin the field of photovoltaics, photovoltaic water pumping system can not only avoid a large amount of capital investment in power grid infrastructure construction, but also solve the problem of lack of electricity and water shortage in agricultural production.


The photovoltaic water pumping system is mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic supports, water pump controllers and water pumps. Powered by clean energy solar energy, the pump is directly driven to pumping water, water storage is used instead of power storage. Energy storage devices are not needed, which greatly reduces the construction cost and maintenance cost of the system. The system is widely used by people because of its environmental protection, energy saving, easy installation and maintenance,and economical features.

Difful pump industry specializes in producing all kinds of solar water pumps, including solar submersible pumps, solar surface pumps,solar pool pumps and so on.


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