DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Australian Customer Evaluation of DIFFUL Solar Deep Well Pump

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Australian Customer Evaluation of DIFFUL Solar Deep Well Pump
Issue Time:2018-08-30

Australia is facing a severe drought and many farms are facing major crises.

Australia is an important market for DIFFUL solar pumps. Many Australian customers use DIFFUL solar pumps to supply water for farms.

Australian customers and our feedback, this drought has also had a big impact on them. Fortunately, the wells on the farm can continue to provide them with the water they need. If there is no water source, they will not be able to do anything.

Australian customers tell us that DIFFUL solar pumps operate very well, even if the sun is not sufficient, Performance is also very good.


The customer purchased a 4-inch solar plastic impeller submersible pump. Used to pump water from deep wells for farm use. This solar submersible pump has a power of 1500W and a voltage of 110V. It needs to be equipped with eight 265W solar panels. The pump can reach a maximum flow of 13 cubic meters per hour and a maximum lift of 60 meters to meet the basic water needs of the farm. In addition to being used for livestock farming, this pump can also be used for agricultural irrigation to meet a large area of irrigation needs.

For this drought in Australia, DIFFUL solar pump companies hope that Australians can quickly pass the crisis. We are also delighted that our customers are satisfied with DIFFUL solar submersible pump products.

DIFFUL pumps are mainly engaged in the production and sales of solar submersible pumps, solar surface pumps, solar pool pumps and AC deep well pumps. DIFFUL Pumps hopes to bring more and better products and quality services to more customers.


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