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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Embassy in Uganda Donated Solar Pumps to Uganda

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Embassy in Uganda Donated Solar Pumps to Uganda
Issue Time:2018-08-18

The Embassy in Uganda donated solar pumps to the Uganda "Fortune Growth Program". Zheng Zhuqiang, Ambassador of Uganda, and General Charles, Deputy General Coordinator of the "Fortune Growth Plan" attended the donation handover ceremony.

Ambassador Zheng said that agriculture is the key development direction of Uganda's economy and an important basis for Uganda's modernization. China will, as always, support Uganda's efforts to develop agriculture, carry out multi-level agricultural cooperation, and help Uganda's remote rural areas to get rid of poverty and become rich.The installation of solar water pumps will greatly enhance the development of Uganda's agriculture and increase agricultural output.

General Charles thanked China for its support of the"Fortune Growth Plan" and said that it would use the solar pump donated by the embassy to promote the use of advanced irrigation technology in Uganda to help farmers increase their income and ensure food security.



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