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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-Well Submersible Pump Maintenance

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-Well Submersible Pump Maintenance
Issue Time:2018-06-27

1. Check for broken or broken cables beforeuse. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent leakage.

2.Before the well is put into the well with a submersible pump to inject cleanwater into the pump before launching, then run for 1-2 minutes and start twiceto check whether the start and operation are normal. Check if there is anycrack in the lift pipe and the connection is firm.


3. When the submersible pump is put intothe well or taken out of the well , the cable must not be pulled by force toavoid damage to the cable or disconnection of the connection, causing undueaccidents. The wire should be used to put the submersible pump into or out ofthe well.

4. The submersible pump should be suspendedvertically when diving and must not be tilted. The water depth is preferably 5meters below the dynamic level.

5. The actual head of the submersible pumpshould be used within 0.8-1.1 times of the rated head to improve the efficiencyof the unit and save energy while avoiding motor overload.

6. The cable must always check for cracks,scratches, etc., and replace or repair it in time.

7. After the submersible pump has run forsix months, repair and inspection should be performed to replace the damagedparts.

8.After the submersible pump is used, the clean water in the pump should bedrained, the electric pump should be cleaned, oiled and rust proofed, andstored vertically in a dry place.

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