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PUMP INDUSTRY-Cultured crayfish under photovoltaic panels

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PUMP INDUSTRY-Cultured crayfish under photovoltaic panels
Issue Time:2018-06-05

The first batch of crayfish raised under the photovoltaicpanels in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China has been on the market.

The project occupies an area of 500 mu. generate electricityon water , cultured crayfish underwater.

The "one-area dual purpose" feature can greatly increase theeconomic value of land per unit area.

photovoltaic panels

The crayfish cultured in this project uses theaquatic weeds as food, and because the above photovoltaic panels block thetemperature, the breeding cycle can be extended and the yield is higher thanthat of ordinary ponds. Photovoltaic panels above the water surface cangenerate up to 19 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, and can earnmore than 10 million yuan in electricity sales each year.

Cultured crayfish under photovoltaic panels

With the decline in the price of photovoltaic systems, solarenergy will be more and more widely used in agriculture and aquaculture.Especially in sunny regions such as Africa and Australia, the degree ofpreference for solar products will increase.


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