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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---welcome the Australian customer to visit our factory

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---welcome the Australian customer to visit our factory
Issue Time:2017-11-10

As a professional manufacturer specialized in water pumps and featured with DC brushless solar pumps, we turn to serve for those great agricultural countries, like India, Thailand, Africa, Australia and so on, where there is enough solar power. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, there comes the peak sales season. Many customers from Southern Hemisphere countries come to visit China for solar pumps purchasing. Yesterday, an Australia purchaser came to visit our branch office in Ningbo, and aimed at our DC brushless solar pumps. He who aimed at the market of Australia, India and Sri Lanka where there have big demands of DC solar pumps.DC solar pump

We leaded him to visit our spare parts job shop and assembling shop, then we showed him our pump testing, before delivery, every pumps will be exhaustively tested. Our company has very big market in Australia and America where requested the high quality. So we have to assure each of our pumps have no quality problem before exporting.

Then we had lunch together in our working dining-room, we showed him our working environment and our company enterprise culture. Thanks for that he can accept Chinese food and being accustomed to using chopsticks

solar powered pump

Then, we discussed his project in India and Sri Lanka. He said he was shocked by our company manufacturing technique and products, we finally meet agreement on his project.

solar bore pump


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