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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----solar pump in Belgium

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----solar pump in Belgium
Issue Time:2017-08-04

There comes the peak sales season in European and South American of solar pump business. Recently, a Brazil client come to visit our factory and take our pumps to attend the exhibition in their country. After him, a Belgian client came to find us to purchased the DC solar pumps, he told us that his main market is in Africa, as a the trade company, he purchased from China and sold to Africa. He purchased from taifu pump and kesheng pump before. We all know taifu pump is very famous but with expensive price, and kesheng pump is with not very good quality. That's why he was looking for new supplier.

Last week, he purchased two samples from us for testing, and we received a very good comments and feedback from his, and this time, they required 33PCS orders include DPC models and DSC models and swimming pool solar pumps.

Now are going to discuss the exclusive agency in Morocco.


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