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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Haryana farmers to get solar pumps

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Haryana farmers to get solar pumps
Issue Time:2017-05-09

CHANDIGARH: Farmers in Haryana with small land holdings will be encouraged to use solar pumps instead of diesel pumpsets under the government's 'Solar Water Pumping Scheme'. 

Minister of state Nayab Singh Saini, who made the announcement here on Friday, said the new and renewable energy ministry recently approved a proposal of the Haryana Renewable Energy Department (HAREDA) to install 3,050 solar water pumps for the implementation of this scheme. 

Under the scheme, 525 pumpsets of 2-horsepower and 2,525 pumpsets of 5-horsepower would be installed in 2016-17, he said. 

For the first phase of the scheme, the renewable energy department has identified 409 beneficiaries, the minister said, adding that solar pumps are the best choice for small farmers and would lead to rapid increase in production by helping in irrigation.

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