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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----new product arrival

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----new product arrival
Issue Time:2017-04-28

In the last year, i have forecast that we have new type of DC solar pumps coming to the market, rather than submersible well solar pump. To meet the Australia market, we researched the swimming pool solar pump. However, there are already a big market of swimming pool solar pump now, due to our late starting, we even have rare advantage in the market. Our boss and our engineer took one year to design and make some unique spare parts. Even, we took 3 months to open mold for the spare parts.

DC 1200W swimming pool pumpsummer escaoe solar pool pumpDC 900w pool solar pump
ModelPowerVoltageMax Flow (m3/h)Max Head (m)Max Suct (m)Inlet    (mm) GW           (Kg)Packing Size (L*W*H)   (mm)Solar Panel Assemble
DLP17/15-D48/50050030-9017155ø48ø5017570*290*37018V 150W 6PCS
DLP21/19-D72/90090030-12521196ø48ø5020600*290*37036V 300W 4PCS
DLP31/19-D72/1200120030-12531196ø60ø6326670*310*45036V 270W 6PCS

Now, our new product solar swimming pool pumps have been pushed out, and received many good comments from our customers. Permanent magnet brushless motor, 316 Stainless steel screw and NSK bearing makes of the high quality for our customers. If you are interested in our solar swimming pool pumps, please feel free to contact me


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