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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----Learning in Difful headquarter company

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----Learning in Difful headquarter company
Issue Time:2017-03-02

We had learned in out factory and headquarter of our company for 2 days since the day before yesterday, and back to start working now. 

Our main purpose to be our factory is to take video for our website, to let our clients to know more details about our products and our company. For one thing, many clients may suspect our quality, so we take the testing video for our pumps, we guarantee that we will select some sample solar pumps for testing under stable DC voltage. Besides, before assembling, all of our pump motor will be tested under 3.5 KG pressure. To assure the quality of the solar pump, we will control every steps of productive process strictly.

solar submersible water pump

After visiting the testing workshop, we came to visit assembling workshop, to make our clients watch the spare parts clearly, we also took the video of assembling. In the video, we can see the spare parts of motor clearly. The whole pump was made under your eyes, why you still suspect our quality. Till now our solar pump and deep well water pump have been exported to more than 50 counties and received good comments from them.

To fulfill with more knowledge of water pumps, after taking video, we received the professional training from our engineer. To serve our clients more professionally, we should learn more details about technology of solar pumps.

If you have some interests to our pumps, please contact with me directly.

E-mail/Skype:sales05@diffulpump.com WhatsApp/Tel:+86 15058288607 Wechat:diffulsales01

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