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Please fill in the following data and we will screen out suitable product models for you based on your detailed data.
Well Depth(m)

1): Pumping water from boreholes: please provide the vertical height from the static water level to the top of the well casing;
2): Pumping water from a river: please fill in 0 for this value.

Horizontal Distance(m)

1): Distance from the water source (top of the well casing or other water source like a river) to desired destination.

Tank Height(m)

1): Vertical height from water source (top of the well casing or other water source like a river) to desired destination(such as water tank)


1): The amount of water required per hour


AC/DC high-power surface pump with solar power
  • DCPM50-17-110-1500-A/D
unique designed AC/DC surface solar pump for household and agricultural production use
  • DQB3.0-65-110-750-A/D

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