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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Solar powered water supply for livestock

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Solar powered water supply for livestock

Issue Time:2021/11/01

The solar pumping system for livestock & plant is mainly composed of a pump, the solar pumping inverter, PV modules, and water pool. Once the sunlight is available, the system will automatically pump water from the borehole to the pools, which will enable a sustainable water supply for animals and plants. To be extended, the system is also applicable to anti-desertification and vegetation restoration.No mains power, diesel generator, or battery will be required. The system is fully automatic, free of maintenance, and environmentally friendly.

Solar-powered water supply for livestock Suitable for: pasture, forest, grassland, livestock farm, barren mountains, and deserts, etc.

DIFFUL solar pump system

DIFFUL PUMP is a professional manufactory for submersible solar pumps, surface solar pumps, and swimming pool solar pumps.

Our head office is located in Wenling, Zhejiang, which is established in 1989. And we found our branch office especially for solar pumps in 2016 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. We have kinds of advanced automatic winding machines and processing machines, 7 assembling lines, and testing machines to control the quality. And we already got a CE certificate, ISO9001, technical patents, etc. We export at least 155000 pcs of solar pumps all over the world every year, and got countless buyer praise. We never stop the steps to improve and innovate our solar pumps to reach the different market requirements.

Product Details:

3inch 210W screw type solar pump helical solar bore pump for Household
3inch DC solar pump with mini design difful solar pump with MPPT controller
4inch stainless steel impeller solar pump 1300W DC  solar submersible pump
4 inch AC/DC hybrid pump with plastic impeller, DC brushless motor pump

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