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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Advantages of using photovoltaic water pump

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Advantages of using photovoltaic water pump

November 18,2020

Photovoltaic water pump, also known as solar water pump, is mainly composed of MPPT controller and water pump. For specific applications, choose the pump according to the requirements of different heads and daily water consumption. And equipped with corresponding power solar cell array. Collectively referred to as photovoltaic pumping system.

The system saves energy storage devices such as batteries. Use water storage instead of electricity storage, and directly drive the water pump to raise water.


The photovoltaic pumping controller controls and regulates the operation of the system to achieve maximum power point tracking. Ensure the rated operation of the system when the sunshine is sufficient. When the sunshine is insufficient, the minimum operating frequency is set to meet. Ensure the full application of solar battery power.


The solar cell array is composed of multiple solar cell modules in series and parallel. Absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy. Provide power for the entire system.


Water pumps pump water from water sources such as deep wells or rivers and lakes. Fill the water tank/pond, or directly connect to irrigation or fountain systems.


Photovoltaic water pumping system utilizes lasting energy from the sun. There is no need for personnel to supervise, no fossil energy, no integrated power grid, independent operation, safe and reliable. It can be used with irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and infiltration irrigation. Effectively solve the problem of arable land irrigation. Increase production, save water and energy, and greatly reduce the input cost of traditional energy and electricity. The most effective way to use clean energy to replace fossil energy. New energy and new technology application products for comprehensive solutions to global "food problems" and "energy problems". Especially in line with the country's social development strategy of building a "resource-saving" and "environment-friendly" type.


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