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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Germany added 3.5GW of installed photovoltaic capacity in the first 9 months

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Germany added 3.5GW of installed photovoltaic capacity in the first 9 months

Issue Time:2020/09/30

According to the latest data from the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), the total number of new photovoltaic systems registered in Germany in September reached 387.6 MW. As a comparison, this figure was 408 MW in August this year and 287 MW in September 2019.


In the first nine months of this year, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics reached 3,509 MW, while the total installed capacity in the same period last year was approximately 2.9 GW.


As of the end of September, Germany's cumulative new installed capacity reached 52.3 GW.


Of the newly added capacity in September, more than 341 megawatts came from rooftop and ground photovoltaic systems under 750 kilowatts built under the FIT plan. In September, a total of 28 46.3 MW of projects developed according to the public utility-level project bidding plan were connected to the grid.


Due to the strong growth of registered projects in the first three quarters, FIT electricity prices in November, December and January will fall by 1.8% each month. So far, the monthly decline since February has been 1.4%. For photovoltaic systems below 10 kilowatts installed on buildings and noise barriers, the fixed FIT electricity price in November will be reduced to 0.0848 euros/kWh; the electricity price for systems from 10 to 40 kilowatts is 0.0824 euros; the electricity price for systems from 40 to 100 kilowatts is 0.0646 euros. The electricity price for systems below 100 kilowatts installed in other locations will be 0.0583 euros. As for the direct sales system with a power between 100 and 750 kilowatts, the country mandates that the electricity price standard will be increased by 0.004 euros per kilowatt hour.


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