DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - How does the photovoltaic water lifting system work?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - How does the photovoltaic water lifting system work?

Issue Time:2020-07-31

Photovoltaic water lifting system converts the sun's radiant energy into electrical energy, and then the electrical energy drives the water pump to achieve the function of lifting water. Solar photovoltaic utilization technology is the most advanced technology in energy utilization technology. It is considered to be the most promising new technology in the future.


The solar photovoltaic water lifting system consists of photovoltaic panels, controllers and photovoltaic water pumps. Photovoltaic panels are devices that directly convert solar radiant energy into electrical energy. The controller is a device for variable frequency control and maximum power point tracking of the water pump. Photovoltaic water pump is a pumping device that is equipped with a dedicated solar drive motor.


The solar photovoltaic water lifting system is a green and environmentally friendly water supply device. It is extremely economical, has no energy consumption, is flexible, and does not require personnel management. Although its one-time investment is relatively large, its operating cost is extremely low. The cost of solar photovoltaic water pumping system is the most economical compared with that of internal combustion engine and electricity.

The solar photovoltaic water lifting device is light and convenient, maneuverable and flexible, with a wide range of applications and good economy. It is not only an important means of water supply in remote areas without electricity, but also an ideal water supply method in other areas and fields. Solar photovoltaic water pumping system can be used for water supply for people and animals in villages, pastures, and households. It can also be combined with water-saving irrigation for farmland and artificial grassland irrigation. With the demand for building a new socialist countryside, the photovoltaic water extraction industry has developed rapidly. It has played a major role in solving the problems of human and livestock water supply and irrigation of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Traditionally, municipal electricity is used to drive water pumps to pump water, and wires need to be pulled to the water source, often a few kilometers or more. In addition, the power loss with distance is also very severe and the cost is high. The solar water pumping system is very flexible and can be installed near the water source. Regardless of mountain or slope, as long as there is good sunshine, it can work stably. The water pumping system runs fully automatically without manual duty. One-time investment, the system can be used for 20-25 years.



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