DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - What are the causes of damage to the photovoltaic pump motor?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - What are the causes of damage to the photovoltaic pump motor?

Issue Time:2020-06-01

During the application of the photovoltaic pump system, it is often encountered that the distance between the photovoltaic pumping inverter and the pump exceeds 200 meters. This may be because the pump head is more than 200 meters; it may also be because the owner’s convenience for management, or site restrictions cause the distance between the pump inverter and the pump to exceed 200 meters. Because the long distance pump cable has a large distributed capacitance to the ground. In this application, the high-frequency PWM output voltage of the photovoltaic pumping inverter will charge the output capacitor and form a high-frequency pulse overvoltage. This overvoltage may break the windings of the pump motor and cause damage to the motor. Photovoltaic pump manufacturers combined with many years of operating experience in the photovoltaic pump industry, customers are advised to add a reactor on this occasion. The reactor is installed at the output end of the photovoltaic water-lifting inverter. Its function is to passivate the steepness of the inverter output voltage, reduce the disturbance and impact on the motor winding, and ensure the stable operation of the pump motor for a long time.



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