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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Under the epidemic, Spain's solar energy sets a new record for power generation

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - - Under the epidemic, Spain's solar energy sets a new record for power generation

Issue Time:2020/04/20

The latest data shows that isolation measures related to the new crown epidemic and multi-country embargo measures have paved the way for solar and more renewable energy generation records.


The survey found that the blockade plan adopted to curb the epidemic triggered dynamic changes in the energy market related to electricity generation, consumption patterns and electricity prices.

At present, there are more than 2 million cases of new crown epidemics worldwide.


Because it is classified as "basic service" industry. Coupled with the clear weather in Europe and other regions. Solar technology has played an important role in the world's major energy markets.


In early April, the Spanish grid operator REE said. Statistics show that in March 2020, the photovoltaic power generation reached 1.049TWh. Compared with the figures in March 2019, electricity generation has increased by 29.1%, setting a record for photovoltaic generation in Spain.


The non-essential industries in Spain were shut down for 10 days. Taking this opportunity, in addition to setting a monthly record, the photovoltaic industry also achieved a single milestone. For example, at 14:29 Spain time on March 29, 2020, photovoltaics accounted for 25.6% of the country's total power generation.


In 2019, Spain's installed solar capacity exceeded 4GW. Last year, Spain developed more solar projects than other European countries. The cumulative installed capacity reached 9GW. The record set in March 2020 indicates that the solar industry will usher in "a good time in summer". Grid operator REE is convinced of this. 



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