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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Nigeria off-grid power system market situation

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Nigeria off-grid power system market situation

Issue Time:2019-09-07

Nigeria is less than 40% in power supply due to factors such as natural gas supply capacity, transmission and distribution capacity and other factors. According to a report by the Nigerian Rural Electricity Authority (REA), 50% of the rural population uses small generators of 10-15 kW, which are not only expensive but also pollute the environment.

In order to alleviate the use of electric power, REA is advancing large-scale construction of a solar-based alternative off-grid power supply system. The market for alternative off-grid power supply systems in Nigeria is huge, with a market opportunity of $9.2 billion per year.

For Nigeria, we will see a lot of growth in the off-grid industry. This has become the focus of government attention, and many development agencies and financial institutions have initiated plans to fund renewable energy off-grid projects.

The solar water pump system is an opto-mechatronic system that uses the off-grid power system to extract water. The basic working principle is to use solar cells to form an array, convert solar energy directly into electric energy, and then drive various types of electric motors to drive high-efficiency and energy-saving pumps to pump water from rivers, lakes, deep wells and other water sources. The large increase in the off-grid industry in Nigeria also indicates a large increase in solar pump systems.


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