DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar submersible pump product upgrade

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar submersible pump product upgrade
Issue Time:2019-08-17

In order to provide customers with better solar water pumps, DIFFUL solar pumps be upgraded from time to time.

Recently DIFFUL upgraded solar screw pumps and solar pump controllers.


1. Upgrade the inlet filter

The upgraded filter has a higher degree of fit and better filtering impurities. At the same time, the upgraded filter is more sturdy and less prone to damage.


2. Upgrade the magnetic steel sleeve

The original magnetic steel sleeve is semi-wrapped. The upgraded magnetic steel sleeve is fully wrapped. After the upgrade, the magnetic steel can be better protected and the magnetic steel can be reduced in wear.


3. Increase the gap of the fixed cable to reduce the friction between the cable and the screw.


4. Expand the space for oil rafts and reduce the oil leakage rate.


5. Upgrade the controller

The appearance is more beautiful after the upgrade. Increase the buckle to better protect the internal components of the controller. The enhanced controller can withstand voltages up to 200V. Update the software.


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