DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Unexpectedly got a solar pump big customer

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Unexpectedly got a solar pump big customer

Issue Time:2019-08-07

More than four months ago, an inquire for solar water pumps was received on www.diffulpump.com. This inquire is from a Chinese Mr. Jiang. He wants to buy 10 solar submersible pumps with iron outlets. Due to the easy rusting of iron, difful solar submersible pumps are made of copper outlet or stainless steel outlet. I told Mr. Jiang that due to the poor quality of iron, our company does not use iron as a production material for solar submersible pumps. Although we did not have the iron outlets solar submersible pump that Mr. Jiang needed, Mr. Jiang did not leave immediately. He asked to add my WeChat. After adding WeChat, Mr. Jiang consulted the materials of our company's solar pump components. And continue to ask a lot of material and technical related issues. I can't answer him some questions right away, so I asked our managers and engineers and answered all the questions of Mr. Jiang. Since he is help other people to purchase, he have not made any orders for this order. Mr. Jiang said that my service attitude is very good. If there is a pump demand, he will come to me. Since there are many customers addition, many customers have never buy a water pump after adding WeChat, so I didn't care very much.

After a few weeks, Mr. Jiang suddenly bought five stainless steel solar submersible pumps with me. After I give him the price, he did not bargain, but paid directly. He only has one request,he hope we can ship it as soon as possible. I quickly arranged delivery for Mr. Jiang. After that, Mr. Jiang purchased several small orders of solar water pumps with me, which were all direct payments. Because of many contacts, I and Mr. Jiang have also become friends. In a chat, I asked Mr. Jiang why every time buy pump with me. Don't to compare the price, don't you worry that the price I gave is too high? He replied that the first time he contacted me, he felt that I was a very sincere person and he believed in me. I am really happy to get such a rating from the customer.

Since Mr. Jiang often helps other people purchase various pumps, there are many customer resources. Just a few days ago, Mr. Jiang bought 200 solar submersible pumps with me. I not only unexpectedly harvested a big customer, but also harvested a very good friend.



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