DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Mexico application reference for irrigation

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Mexico application reference for irrigation
Issue Time:2019-07-18

Most parts of Mexico are tropical and a small part is subtropical, with congenital lighting conditions. Mexico has an abundance of solar energy resources, and photovoltaic projects have good prospects for development in Mexico.

DIFFUL solar water pumps use solar energy to drive water pumps to work. DIFFUL solar pumps are very popular in Mexico.

Recently, a Mexican customer sent us photo indicating that he is very satisfied with the DIFFUL solar pump. The Mexican customer purchased a 4-inch DC brushless solar submersible pump with S/S impeller. This solar submersible pump is all stainless steel designed for wear and tear and lasts longer. The Mexican customer purchased the pump to irrigate the orchard he planted. 

The customer is install and use the pump immediately after receiving the pump and send us feedback. The customer say that Pump was working almost without solar light. The customer took photo at 19:15 and showed that although the water volume is not large, there is still water flow. The customer is very satisfied with the DIFFUL solar submersible pump.


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